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FIU Alert is an emergency notification system used to notify the FIU community of any imminent or immediate threat to life safety. It is designed to reach as many people as possible in a timely manner while also maintaining redundancy should one or several of the methods fail. To achieve this, the system uses multiple methods of communication. The methods are listed below.

Click Here to access some frequently asked questions regarding the FIU Alert system.

Phone Calls &Text

Text messages and phone calls will be sent to cell phones.

Outdoor Speakers

An audible alert will be played on outdoor speakers throughout all campuses.


All university phones will play an audible alert and display a short text message.

Emergency Callboxes

Emergency callboxes will play an audible alert. The callboxes are also used for calling emergency assistance.

FIU Email

All FIU email accounts will receive the FIU Alert.

Social Media

The FIU Facebook page and Twitter feed will be updated with the FIU Alert.

Digital Signage

Digital signage that is outdoors and indoors will display the FIU Alert.

FIU Main Webpage

Will be updated to provide more information regarding the emergency as it becomes available.