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Student Sign Up

Students can register for FIU Alert text messages and phone calls by entering their cell phone number during online class registration at Once you log into, you should see a box in the middle of the page called "Student Center". Click on "Enroll" if you have not yet enrolled in the current term. 

Student Center

You should now see a page that will show you the terms and conditions for online enrollment:

Student enrollment terms and conditions

Below the terms, you will see text in red that will describe the FIU Alert system and provide you with field to enter you cellphone number.

If you do not register online for classes, you may register by logging into and selecting “other personal…” from the drop down menu:

Personal Info Link

Select the "Phone Numbers" option:

Phone Numbers option

You should now see a page that will provide a field called "FIU Alert Text Number". The number entered here will be used to send you FIU Alert texts to your cellphone. If you cannot receive cellphone text messages, please enter a number to receive voice messages in the "FIU Alert Voice Message Number" field.

FIU Alert Phone Field

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