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Miami-Dade County Emergency Management Logo

Miami-Dade County Emergency Management

During any disaster, the Storm Aides For Everyone (SAFE) application will allow you to find open facilities in Miami-Dade County, including:

  • Evacuation centers
  • Emergency bus pick-up sites to and from evacuation centers
  • Disaster assistance center
  • Stores that could run on generators, including supermarkets, pharmacies and hardware stores
  • Points of distribution
  • Food and water and operational hospitals

Instructions for using the SAFE Application:

  • Use the up and down arrows to scroll though the facilities.
  • The car icon will give you directions to the facility.
  • The facilities are listed by the distance to your location.
  • If your search does not return any facilities in your area, you will need to increase the miles on the distance bar.

Storm Aids For Everyone (SAFE)

Miami-Dade County Storm Surge Planning Zones (Interactive Map)

Miami-Dade County Storm Surge Planning Zones (Printable PDF)

 Broward County Emergency Management Logo

Broward County Emergency Management

 Attorney General Seal

The State of Florida Attorney General

Provides assistance regarding consumer issues such as fraud and price gouging.

 My 511 Logo

Florida Department of Transportation's 511 System

Real time information regarding highways