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Mosquito Control & Bite Prevention

Miami Dade County residents experiencing a mosquito nuisance are encouraged to:

Resident complaints are serviced either by truck spraying, aerial spraying or by site inspections, depending upon the location and the season of the year.

Drain and Cover

Drain and Cover

Prevent the sting and spread of mosquitoes — Drain and Cover

Drain any standing sprinkler or rain water from outside the house, and learn other ways to keep water clean to avoid mosquitoes.

Cover your skin with socks, shoes, long pants and long sleeves when mosquitoes are active. Cover doors and windows with screens, and use repellent on bare skin.

Mosquito Bite Prevention

Using Environmental Protection Agency approved insect repellents is just part of mosquito bite prevention. Please see this flyer from Florida Health to learn more.

Mosquito Bite Prevention Guide Florida Health